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Driller Assistant 1
Salt Lake City, UT
Global Quality Manager
Salt Lake City, UT
Fixed Asset Accountant
Salt Lake City, UT

Our integrated business model puts Boart Longyear in the driver’s seat for drilling technology and drilling services. We work hard to maintain our marketplace advantage and we enjoy great success. As you explore the roles available, picture yourself performing at the top of your game among a team that’s squarely in first place.

Drilling services careers at Boart Longyear

Drilling Services Careers

The Drilling Services business of Boart Longyear serves the mining, environmental, exploration, geotechnical and construction industries.

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When it comes to Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) opportunities, Boart Longyear offers a variety of challenges and experiences.

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Our engineers are key to Boart Longyear’s future. We’re designing everything from drilling rigs to diamond drill bits.

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Finance and accounting careers at Boart Longyear

Finance & Accounting Careers

Boart Longyear’s growth and success rely on making great decisions within a variety of challenging situations.

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General management careers at Boart Longyear

General Management Careers

There are numerous other opportunities available around the world in general management functions.

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Human resources careers at Boart Longyear

Human Resources Careers

People make a difference here. Their passion and their commitment make Boart Longyear the unique, innovative and progressive leader of an industry.

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Information technology careers at Boart Longyear

Information Technology Careers

Boart Longyear is an innovation company. We rely heavily on the ability to share and manage information on a global platform.

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Legal careers at Boart Longyear

Legal Careers

For Boart Longyear, leadership starts with getting it right as our legal teams play an essential part in the progress of our business.

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Manufacturing careers at Boart Longyear

Manufacturing Careers

With manufacturing facilities that span the globe, Boart Longyear offers you a world of opportunity in countries that match your life and career interests.

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Product managment careers at Boart Longyear

Product Management Careers

Product Management at Boart Longyear can be the most challenging and rewarding opportunity of your career.

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Sales and marketing careers at Boart Longyear

Sales & Marketing Careers

Sales at Boart Longyear is the engine that drives our success. It’s an exciting area of contribution with teams around the world working the front lines.

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Supply chain careers at Boart Longyear

Supply Chain Careers

With facilities spanning the globe, come join a Supply Chain team that’s bringing high energy and hard work to the office every day.

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