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For Boart Longyear, leadership starts with getting it right. Our legal teams play an essential part in the progress of our business by performing at the leading edge of global services and products law, ethics and policy.

Our legal team protects and strengthens our company’s assets and intellectual property. By collaborating at every stage and location of our operations, we act as partners to the different parts of our business – helping them to achieve their goals.

The team includes professionals in areas such as intellectual property and licensing, corporate governance and compliance, and global citizenship. They supply the expertise we need to operate across the globe.

Attorneys provide legal advice and counsel in areas such as trademark protection, patents, finance and operations, licensing, product development and marketing, mergers and acquisitions, corporate affairs, litigation, employment and immigration.

Audit Professionals protect our company from illegal activity and policy violations, focusing on prevention and deterrence, and help us recover from any violations that may occur.

Legal Specialists work closely with attorneys to negotiate and draft contract provisions and license agreements, facilitate vendor relationships, coordinate contracts, train account managers, and conduct interviews.