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Most people explore new career opportunities to find more challenge and greater rewards.

When you explore Boart Longyear, you’ll discover a team of fellow travelers who are shaping career success above and below the surface.

If you are looking for a more rewarding job and a wider platform to work on, you’ve come to the right place. We serve customers in 40 countries and ship product to more than 100. Our global footprint becomes your career road map.

A Safer Way To Prosper

Throughout this site you can explore your fit to our career areas and current openings. As you read about us, you’ll find a word that others often leave out or skip over: safety. At Boart Longyear, safety is much more than a word. It is our foundation and first priority. It’s part of every job and a factor in every workday. The reason why comes back to you.

Our philosophy is both simple and welcome. We value people above all else and we protect their safety at all times.

The Hard Work Of High Performance

70% of the earth is covered with water. The rest belongs to us. The people of Boart Longyear are focused on driving exploration technology, building relationships with our key customers, and leveraging our unique products and services mix.

One of our key goals lies in creating a consistent customer experience across our entire global platform. Our performance improves as we focus on consistency in training, processes, equipment and delivery in every region, mine site and operating environment.

That’s a tough challenge when you operate more than 1,150 drill rigs around the world, but we’re making it happen.

Our Innovation Cycle

bly-why-hardwork-piechartWhat drives exceptional performance around the globe? It’s our unique cycle of innovation. Our product development teams work directly with our drilling services group to ensure that hands-on experience is built into every product release. By sharing field data, challenges, safety requirements and best practices, we are driving innovations that make our drilling teams even safer and more productive.

With an integrated cycle, Boart Longyear can bring new technology to the market with speed. We’re positioned to be the strongest and most agile player in the market.

Now, we just need to get you on the team.