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Driller Assistant 1
Salt Lake City, UT
Global Quality Manager
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Diversity of Thought
Where do great ideas come from? Where do you turn to solve the newest challenge? The answer is everywhere and all the time.

At Boart Longyear, we draw on expertise and input from our teams in 40 countries. We’re bringing their insights and ideas into the decision making process at every level.

When it comes to engineering solutions, Boart Longyear calls on our Centers of Excellence. Located across the horizon of our operations, we can count on a 24-hour stream of sharing. Data, best practices, new ideas on safety and product performance – the diversity of imagination and expertise creates shorter product development cycles, better products and more satisfied customers.

The same diversity of thought runs through our business operations, sales teams and drilling operations. Now, what about you? If you’re not getting a full hearing for your ideas, we welcome you to bring them on day one. You’ll get the respect you deserve and the recognition you earn. Can you dig it?